Master of the Ocean


Having a bit of time to reflect on what is was like spending 10 days in the Dominican Republic with some of the best multi-sport water athletes, I realize how much more special the event Master of the Ocean truly is. 

IMG_0049When I received the invitation to attend this event, I had never heard about it before, but I thought that a windsurf, stand up surf, kite surf, and surf contest was right up my alley. I immediately replied with a confirmed ‘Yes’, and booked my tickets minutes later to fly into the new airport of Puerto Plata on the North shore. A short thirty-minute taxi ride later, and I, and all my luggage arrived in the water-sport orientated town of Cabaret

IMG_9941The contest began two days after my arrival and ran non-stop for the next four days at a beach about five miles west of Cabarete called Encuentro.  I was allowed to compete in the men’s division as well as the women’s division, which gave me more chances to experience the wave and wind that Encutentro had to provide. My strong suits were the windsurfing and the stand up paddling, where I placed fifth in both in the men’s division, just barely missing out on the finals. The women’s division proved to be similar, but I won the windsurf and SUP, while placing second in the kite and surf. After four solid days, competing in four sports, and more heats that I can remember, the overall competition came to a close. I, myself did not do too shabby because I am honored to announce that I am the 2014 Master of the Ocean Women’s Champion!IMG_9854 IMG_9886

Everyday was spent on the water, either competing or exploring. Francisco Procella, Zane Schweitzer and I, along with the local boys were constantly busy hitting lips and enjoying down winders. No matter what sport we were doing, we were all smiles, all day!

IMG_0132 IMG_0175

Visiting other countries, my eyes are always opened to different perspectives and I appreciate the subtle and important things in life so much more. Experiencing the Dominican Republic opened my eyes up wide to what the enjoyment of life is about; sharing smiles and experiences. It’s the people we surround ourselves with and the happiness that we embrace that makes life fun. This is what this contest showed me. Yes, of course I am happy that I won. No doubt about it, and at the same time, I am happy to have met some really cool people and to have been welcomed into their country with open arms. It’s an experience that I will never forget.


There are so many people that I want to thank for this event. Marcus, Patricia, Finja, Michael, Jose, all who worked extremely hard to make this event sail by and be the most fun ever! I also want to thank the waves and wind for cooperation and showing us how much fun Encuentro can truly be!

Muchisimas gracias por todo! Hasta Pronto!



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