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I am a seventeen year old kid, verging on eighteen.. a turning point in most peoples lives, and most definitely in mine. This is the time kids are finishing up school (doing that now), and deciding what they want to do with the rest of their lives, at least the next chapter in their life. I have made a decision and that decision is to follow my dream to become the best waterwoman I can become. My sports are stand up paddle racing and surfing, windsurf racing and surfing, kitesurfing and surfing.

Within the last couple years, age fourteen until now, I have dived deep into the SUP world and taken part of every major race and surf event in North America. My background is windsurfing, where my parents started teaching me at the ripe young age of five in Los Barriles Mexico and Hood River, Oregon, both of which are homes to me.

With my high school finish line in sight, words do not express my excitement for the 2015, ’16, ’17, and who knows how many years of competition stand up paddle boarding to come! Starting in February 2015, I will begin my campaign in both the Stand Up World Tour (SUP Surfing) and the Stand Up World Series (SUP Racing)!

My number one goal no matter how the results end up in a heat or in a race is to enjoy my time on the water and live everyday as it is a privilege. See you on the water!

~Fiona Wylde


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One thought on “Meet Fiona

  1. Hi Fiona!

    What a beautiful fresh website!
    Great pictures, great athlete! I am your fan!
    But remember if you are going study medicine, you won’t have that much freedom anymore as you have at the moment. Medicine is very interesting, but internships are hard to combine with being on the water a lot. Think about it ;).

    Big hug, Xx Eva

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